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Energetic Material Technology

Applying a core technology of energetic materials to product testing and research services. Our team of experts combine energetic materials with mechanical design to apply technology concepts from prototype to production.

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High Performance Services For Multiple Industries

Scow Miner is an expert with over 5 years of experience of Designing, Developing, Testing and Distributing Energetic Materials Consumables.


Scow Miner offers a full spectrum of services ranging from design, analysis and test support.


Scow Miner has experience and expertise in testings and deployment of industrial explosives.


Scow Miner provides efficient experimental analysis, troubleshooting and iterative design optimization.

Safe and Efficient Mining

Industrials Mining
Solutions & Services

Many of our technologies have parallel application for industry. Sometimes explosives are not an option, thermite and pyrotechnic systems that can be fired remotely are a viable alternative. We have worked with several industrial partners to deploy a technology as a revolutionary solution. We can generate the solution concepts, or you can bring your idea to us for feasibility testing and development.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance

Scow Miner is committed to opperate our business in a manner that respects and protects our climate and natural resources.

Our Expertise

The expertise

  • Ammunition Safety

  • Propellants, Pyrotechnics and Processing

  • Countering Explosives Dangers

  • Process Safety Solutions

  • Propulsion and Customized Energetics

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High Performance Assistance on All Aspects of Drill and Blast.

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