About us

About Us

Our mission is to launch products and technology that make a difference for the industry. We will apply scientific principals in novel ways to engineer, build, and test technology. We will integrate materials, fabrication processes, and employ advanced diagnostics to provide the best solution possible to our customers.

Scow Miner expertise for Energetic Materials covers the whole chain from synthesis, production, processing, characterization, storage and transport, reliability, lifetime, safety and security, detection, cost, environment and disposal of energetic and hazardous materials.


We believe that every project existing in world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

To become a preferred partner of our clients, earning their trust through the consistent delivery of innovative Energetic Materials and Products.

To become the destination employer of some of the best and brightest talents in our industry.

To hone project and program methodologies and practices to help ensure projects are completed on time, meeting or exceeding specifications, and to budget.

To become Symbol of Authority for any topic related to Energetic Materials for the industrial customers and law enforcement agencies, icluding Police, Army & Gorund Forces, Air Force and Naval Forces.

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