Upcoming Facilities

Upcoming Facilities and Services

Scow Miner continuously endeavouring to add new state of the art technologies, facilities and services for the industrial customers and law enforcement agencies, icluding Police, Army & Gorund Forces, Air Force and Naval Forces.
Scow Miner has a vision expanded from short term to long term to become Symbol of Authority for any topic related to Energetic Materials.

Short & Long Term Goals for Specialised Testing & Classification Equipments

Propellants Ballistics Tests

Motor Tester

This testing instrumentation is used for the determination of burning rate of solid rocket propellants in laboratory conditions and Pressure-time burning profiles.

Burning Tester

This apparatus is used for the determination of the burning rate of solid rocket propellants, allowing to conduct experiments using constant volume or at quasi-constant pressure.

Closed Vessels Tester

This instrument is used for measurement of the burning parameters (pressure-time profile, vivacity, pressure gradient, maximum pressure, force etc.) of gun propellants, coupled with selected closed vessel.

Sensitivity and Explosibility Tests

Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Tester

This testing instrumentation is designed for the precise evaluation of the sensitivity of energetic materials to electrostatic spark in the range of discharge energies from 25 μJ to 17.5 J and voltages between 500 V and 10 kV.

Friction Sensitivity Tester

Friction apparatus is used for determination of friction sensitivity of energetic materials – solid primary and high explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics according to BAM standard procedure.

Ball-Drop Impact Tester

The Ball Drop Impact Tester determines the impact sensitivity of various types of energetic materials ranging from the most sensitive primary explosives to less-sensitive high explosives and pyrotechnic mixtures. It uses steel balls as the drop weights.

Impact Sensitivity Tester

Impact sensitivity tester serves for measuring impact sensitivity of solid or liquid high explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and also primary explosives according to BAM standard procedure.

Explosion-Temperature Tester

The Explosion Temperature Apparatus is used for the determination of the explosion (ignition) temperature of energetic materials submitted to heating.

Minimum Burning Pressure

The Minimum Burning Pressure Apparatus is used to determine the minimum burning pressure of emulsion explosives ignited by a hot wire in a closed vessel under high pressure conditions.

Stability and Compatibility Tests

Differential Thermal Analyzer

Thermal stability testing instrument is designed specifically for differential thermal analysis (DTA) of explosive materials which explosion may cause damage to standard commercial analyzers.

Vacuum Stability Tester

Vacuum stability tester is used for measuring chemical stability of energetic materials. The apparatus measures volume of gas evolved from heating the samples in evacuated test tubes in a heating block maintained for a specified period.

Computed Tomography System

Helix-Scan based CT X‑ray system can be equipped with different X‑ray powers,for nanometer resolution, for non-destructive testing, materials investigations and, in particular, dimensional measurements of internal structures, undercuts and free form surfaces

Explosives Performance Tests

Velocity Measurement System

This instrument is created for the measurement of the detonation velocity of energetic materials using fiber optic probes.

Detonation Calorimeter

The detonation calorimeter determines detonation heat of all kinds of explosives including combustion and/or explosion heat.